Helping You Simplify the Pump Selection Process

BF Sales Engineering, Inc. has been in the business of sizing and selecting pumps for over 45 years. Based on this length of experience, we know the pump selection process can be challenging and intimidating. In an effort to make the pump selection process easier, we would be willing to make some suggestions based on answers to the questions below. Our intent is to help narrow down the selection process from 1000’s of pumps to 2 or 3 choices that make sense for your application.

After review of your application, we will email a couple of brochures on the pump lines that were selected. If you like what was sent and have questions or comments please get back with us. Rest assured, we will not be bothering you in the future on this request.

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Name of product to be pumped

Viscosity of product in centipoise

Specific gravity of product

Temperature of product in Fahrenheit

Is the product abrasive?

Solids content of product in percent:

Required flow rate in gallons per minute

Estimated discharge pressure required (please list psi or TDH)

Supply container
5 gallon pail55 gallon drum300 gallon toteother

Pumping process type:

Is the pump power source compressed air?

Is the pump power source hydraulic driven?

Is the pump power source electric?

Is the pump power source single phase?

Is the pump power source three phase?

Hertz of pump power source?

Voltage of pump power source?
110 Volt230 Volt460 Volt

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